Billy & Chloe Picspam (IMAGEHEAVY)

The classic love hate story! Here is a picspam of my favorite soap opera couple Billy & Chloe Abbott of the Young and the Restless. The chemistry between the actors (Billy & Elizabeth) is truly undeniable. Then, throw in the fact that the two characters are so alike that it's scary, you have the perfect imperfect couple I have ever seen. They are quickly becoming my favorite couple of ALL-TIME. Here's my favorite video of them by anony33mous:

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Here goes nothing....

So here's my third try at this thing. Hopefully my last. I have to get all my ducks in a row before I start posting all my stuff... And trust me it's alot of stuff to post. From 2005 when I first opened my site: Tuesday's Waiting/My Favorite Accident...
Be on the look out for my updates.

Spread the NV love... Speaking of I'm am soo excited for those NV scenes in 2.12!
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